Thriving Ecologies

Community driven capacity-building + Accelerating entrepreneurs

 Photo: Susan Alzner

Photo: Susan Alzner

Action-focused explorations

shift7 has scouted potential partners and made network connections to advance renewable energy development, environmental health, and related entrepreneurship and arts. Youth engagement is central in much of this work.

 2018 Standing Rock Renewable Energy Summit. Watch 4 min highlight video  here

2018 Standing Rock Renewable Energy Summit. Watch 4 min highlight video here

We have begun collaborating with Navajo and Lakota Sioux partners. Many Native American communities have unemployment rates that are among the highest in the country, and are working to build local economies that are self-sustaining, and not heavily dependent on extractive industries. Culturally cognizant, creative, patient business development support is needed to accelerate this transformation, with solution-making led by the communities themselves.

shift7 has been identifying community-driven initiatives that foster both economic development and thriving ecologies, with models that could be scaled, shared, and locally adapted to accelerate the transition to sustainability nationally. Early engagements include workshops on energy such as the Oceti Sakowin Energy Summit, and supporting partners to establish fellowships and on-site collaborations. 

shift7 has been in discussions with the Native American Business Incubator Network (NABIN) and other community-based entrepreneurship capacity-building and incubation partners to explore approaches for channeling resources (funding, mentors, partners and more) to support their work. NABIN provides support services to Native American entrepreneurs to help them create ecologically and culturally sustainable businesses, and builds community through connecting peers, mentors, and funders to entrepreneurs. Recently, shift7 facilitated sponsorship for NABIN to attend the Start-up Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley.

Recognizing that progress will also require expanding broadband connectivity in tribal communities, shift7 continues conversations with the team at Umoya and other solution-makers to focus on creative approaches such as Tribal International Carrier (TIC).