:: north/south adventure ::

:: before

:: montana

:: wyoming

:: idaho

:: utah

:: arizona

:: california

:: after

the riders:
Bill Goetz, Thomas Arledge, Eric Goetz, Gregg Glaviano, Scott Wilets, Tim Cripps, Jason Youngstrom

the route:
starting at the Canada border slightly east of Glacier Park in Montana (between forest fire #32 and #47) and meandering through the Rockies to the Mexico border in the southern California desert (near the quaint town of Yuma- never been there but i here its dry).

the extremes:
it can snow on any given day at higher elevations throughout parts of the Rockies- especially in montana. but it can also be hotter than hell near the end of august and into september- especially in arizona.

don't look for correct punctuation or spelling, but i'll try to keep the stories true.